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Lion's Roar, February, 2016
The Alphabet Heart Sutra
The Truth of the Heart Sutra in 26 words. 

"The Alphabet Heart Sutra came to me whole, arriving with the light of morning. I followed the inner prompting and immediately wrote it down. And once it was written, I felt moved to share it with others.

I have lived with, breathed with, recited, and loved the Heart Sutra for many years. I offer this poem/prayer with joyful appreciation for the ever-evolving fearless proclamations of timeless truths. May it inspire and illuminate."

Tricycle Magazine, Spring 2012
Into the Demon's Mouth

Like the great Tibetan saint Milarepa, we can learn to face our fears with clarity and kindness

"The spiritual journey involves stepping into unknown territory with a hunger to know what is true. One of the essential elements of such a life is the understanding that everything we encounter—fear, resentment, jealousy, embarrassment—is actually an invitation to see clearly where we are shutting down and holding back." 

 Aaron Johnson, Down the Hatch, 2007

 Aaron Johnson, Down the Hatch, 2007

A Call to CompassionBringing Buddhist Practices of the Heart into the Soul of Psychology (Nicolas-Hays, 2005)

Shambhala Sun, July, 2007
The Hidden Treasure of the Heart

"Love and compassion are the heart's hidden treasure, locked away behind concepts like 'friend' and 'enemy,' 'like' and 'dislike.' The key to the treasure of unconditional compassion—the Buddha's love for all beings without distinction—is the three-step practice of equanimity." 

Bill Jensen, Luohan (Light Step), 2003-2006

Bill Jensen, Luohan (Light Step), 2003-2006

The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal, September–December, 2012
Touching the Earth: Embodiment and Awakening

"Years ago I came across this quote by Saraha, one of the great forerunners of Buddhist Tantra: 'All the sacred places in the world are in my body, and the most profound pilgrimage I can ever make is in my own body.' This understanding that our body is a place of pilgrimage and discovery, that our body might actually be a wise and trustworthy teacher on our spiritual journey, resonated deeply."


The Jack Pine Warbler, September/October, 2016. The magazine of Michigan Audubon. Cover photo by Aura Glaser.