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looking through the lens,
seer and seen are not two—
light, life, consciousness!


Aura Glaser (aka Auraor) is a contemplative artist and dharma coyote dedicated to the awakened heart.  The aspiration to serve the flowering of love and wisdom in the midst of life is the true deep root of her work—as a photographer, dharma teacher, psychologist, author, poet, and entrepreneur. 

Photography came as an unexpected gift at a time of significant health challenges, when many ways of being in the world were not possible. Her journey with a camera is guided by intuition, inspiration, and joy—her images a poetics of light. The natural world, Nature, and nonduality ground and suffuse her work. Looking through the lens of nonduality, we experience our bodies and everything else as vividly present and simultaneously pervaded by a unified transparency of boundless, radiant spaciousness. 

An early life interest in spirituality led her on an overland journey to India in the late 1970s, and for 35 years she deeply immersed in the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism, Vipassana, and inner yoga with many great Asian masters. Her principal teacher was Gelek Rimpoche, whom she first met in Dharmsala, India in 1980. Aura co-founded Jewel Heart, an international Tibetan Buddhist organization, where she was a senior teacher for 25 years. Over time she became less rooted in tradition, and in 2012 established Inner Sky as a vehicle for offering the living essence of these teachings in a contemporary context. Inner Sky and its activities are now absorbed into this website.

Aura is a fully licensed psychologist, with a background in humanistic and depth psychology. She maintained a private practice for 22 years. She is also the creator, and original owner of Crazy Wisdom Bookstore in Ann Arbor, MI.

As part of her deep interest in embodied spirituality, Aura trained in, and is certified to teach, Realization Process® a method for embodied non-dual awakening.

She is also a certified Laughter Yoga Leader.

Aura authored the book  A Call to Compassion: Bringing Buddhist Practices of the Heart into the Soul of Psychology,  and has written articles for Tricycle and Shambhala Sun magazines, as well as Crazy Wisdom Journal.  In 2016 she published the "Alphabet Heart Sutra," a poetic reimagining of the Heart Sutra, on the Lions Roar website.

Whatever the form of expression, be it word or image, her intention is to inspire and catalyze deeper connection with the inner beauty and timeless essence of our pure nature. Art is outside. Heart inside. Love present throughout.


BA in Women’s Studies from the University of Michigan

MA in Clinical Psychology from The Center for Humanistic Studies (nka Michigan School of Professional Psychology)

PhD in Clinical/Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute


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